Es werden Posts vom Juli, 2012 angezeigt.

Review Mac OS X 10.8 by CNET

Apple's Mountain Lion is on the loose! Is Mac OS X 10.8 worth $19.99? Check out our full review: -- CNET (@CNET)

How Google Organizes

How @Google Organizes World: @ablaze's Q&A w/ Knowledge Graph Manager Emily Moxley -- Liberationtech (@Liberationtech)

HHLA und Dual Cycle - Logistik

HHLA beschleunigt Containerumschlag durch Einführung des Umschlagverfahrens Dual Cycle (Be- und Entladung gleichzeitig) -- Zukunft Mobilität (@zukunftmobil)

CentOS 6.3 freigegeben

CentOS 6.3 freigegeben -- heise open (@heiseopen)

Post Hadoop at Google

"Post Hadoop"-@GigaOm "@Google has moved beyond the basic software that Hadoop was copying"-@gnat -- O'Reilly Radar (@radar)

Big Data at Google Scale

Very interesting @gigaom take on big data at Google scale. Great stuff coming down the pike (Hadoop is yesterday) -- John Treadway (@cloudbzz)

Apache Nutch 2. 0 released

Apache Nutch 2. 0 released support for crawling #Cassandra #HBase #HDFS #Avro two years of changes -- Joe Stein (@allthingshadoop

Galaxy S II getting update to Android 4.0.4 ICS

Galaxy S II getting update to Android 4.0.4 ICS #android -- Android Community (@androids)

GitHub Android App Released

GitHub Android App Released -- GitHub (@github)

Objectivity and InfiniteGraph Team

Objectivity annual sales meeting in progress. Great to see the team!#InfiniteGraph -- Patricia Stamos (@pmstamos)

Objectivity in Europa

Objectivity Continues its European Growth w/ Addition of a Sr Tech Consultant from Sones, Timo Wagner @tiwacon #bigdata -- InfiniteGraph (@infinitegraph)

Getting Started with Spring Social

Getting Started with #Spring Social | Javalobby #Java #SpringFramework -- VMware vFabric (@vFabric)