Es werden Posts vom 2012 angezeigt.

How the Algorithm won over the News Industry

Google News at 10: How the Algorithm Won Over the News Industry (@megangarber / The Atlantic... -- Techmeme (@Techmeme)

#dnp12 Markus Beckedahl - Wie baut man eine Anti-#ACTA Kampagne


Heroku and Cassandra

DZone (DZone): "Heroku and Cassandra" #heroku #cassandra #opensource (gesendet mit Seesmic

Google Earth Fractals

For a moment of awe for the magical world we call home, Paul Bourke’s stunning “found” Google Earth fractals -- Maria Popova (@brainpicker)

Database Scalability

[Interview] Database Scalability Needed for Full-Blown #Cloud Apps ▸ #CloudExpo #CloudComputing #BigData -- BigDataExpo® (@BigDataExpo)

Atmoshpere 1.0 #websocket #comet

Atmosphere 1.0, the Portable Asynchronous Javascript/Java framework now available #websockets #comet -- jfarcand (@jfarcand)

Neo4j in Biodiversity

Installing neo4j via @wordpressdotcom Interegsting use of Neo4j in biodiversity -- Matt Taylor (@zoom6628)

Summarize Opinions with a Graph Database

Summarize Opinions with a Graph - Part 1 #graph #database -- NoSQL Weekly (@nosqlweekly)

M-Commerce in Deutschland. ECC-Handel-Studie

ECC Handel (ECC_Handel): ECC-Handel-Studie: M-Commerce in Deutschland: Die Rolle des Smartphones im Kaufprozess #ecommerce Retweet von @teubert tweet (gesendet mit Seesmic

Wir brauchen dringend neue Kommentar-Systeme

Nach dem Weckruf von @netzpolitik: Ich meine, wir brauchen dringend neue Kommentarsysteme. -- Jan Eggers (@JanEggers)

Novel Teyt Analysis Example by Gephi

Natural Born Coder (port80guru): Novel text analysis uses PageRank to identify influential Victorian authors on @arstechnica #madewithgephi #dh2012 Retweet von @Gephi tweet (gesendet mit Seesmic

Comparing Apache Camel and Spring Integration

"New Camel Example to Compare With Spring Integration Simple Example" #ApacheCamel #Java #EnterpriseIntegration #EAI -- DZone (@DZone)

Integration at Scale

Presentation: Integration At Scale: Lessons Learned From The New Enterprise Web -- InfoQ (@InfoQ)

Presentation Outh

Presentation: OAuth - Everything You Want to Know (Hopefully) -- InfoQ (@InfoQ)


Must read post by @DaveWiner on how to build an open @Twitter-like ecosystem #fedweb #federatedsocialweb -- Liberationtech (@Liberationtech)

Review Mac OS X 10.8 by CNET

Apple's Mountain Lion is on the loose! Is Mac OS X 10.8 worth $19.99? Check out our full review: -- CNET (@CNET)

How Google Organizes

How @Google Organizes World: @ablaze's Q&A w/ Knowledge Graph Manager Emily Moxley -- Liberationtech (@Liberationtech)

HHLA und Dual Cycle - Logistik

HHLA beschleunigt Containerumschlag durch Einführung des Umschlagverfahrens Dual Cycle (Be- und Entladung gleichzeitig) -- Zukunft Mobilität (@zukunftmobil)

CentOS 6.3 freigegeben

CentOS 6.3 freigegeben -- heise open (@heiseopen)

Post Hadoop at Google

"Post Hadoop"-@GigaOm "@Google has moved beyond the basic software that Hadoop was copying"-@gnat -- O'Reilly Radar (@radar)

Big Data at Google Scale

Very interesting @gigaom take on big data at Google scale. Great stuff coming down the pike (Hadoop is yesterday) -- John Treadway (@cloudbzz)

Apache Nutch 2. 0 released

Apache Nutch 2. 0 released support for crawling #Cassandra #HBase #HDFS #Avro two years of changes -- Joe Stein (@allthingshadoop

Galaxy S II getting update to Android 4.0.4 ICS

Galaxy S II getting update to Android 4.0.4 ICS #android -- Android Community (@androids)

GitHub Android App Released

GitHub Android App Released -- GitHub (@github)

Objectivity and InfiniteGraph Team

Objectivity annual sales meeting in progress. Great to see the team!#InfiniteGraph -- Patricia Stamos (@pmstamos)

Objectivity in Europa

Objectivity Continues its European Growth w/ Addition of a Sr Tech Consultant from Sones, Timo Wagner @tiwacon #bigdata -- InfiniteGraph (@infinitegraph)

Getting Started with Spring Social

Getting Started with #Spring Social | Javalobby #Java #SpringFramework -- VMware vFabric (@vFabric)

Cool: Installing JBossAS from inside the IDE

I've installed the JBoss IDE with JBoss Central into the Spring STS 2.9.1 based on Eclipse:

To start with a Java EE 6 Web Profile Project, the IDE for itself downloads and configures the JBossAS 7.1 JEE Application Server. This is really cool and very nice to have.

The Project is a sample, deployableMaven 3 project to help you get your foot in the door developing with Java EE 6 on JBoss AS 7 or EAP 6. 
This project is setup to allow you to create a compliant Java EE 6 application  using JSF 2.0, CDI 1.0, EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0 and Bean Validation 1.0. It includes a persistence unit and some sample persistence and transaction code to help  you get your feet wet with database access in enterprise Java. 

Spring Data JPA 1.1.0 GA released |

Spring Integration 2.2.0.M1 is released |

Spring AMQP 1.1.0 Released |

macports Update 2.1.0

Yesterday, Tuesday, May 17th 2012 rolled out the Update to 2.1.0 which I received via the sudo port selfupdate command.

There was an Issue with Trac, Python26 and the AJP-WSGI Module for the Apache HTTP Server.

Solution was to uninstall python and the AJP-WSGI module via the Force Option:

sudo port -f uninstall python26sudo port -f uninstall ajp-wsgisudo port install python26 sudo port install ajp-wsgi +python26

How to use Trac with ajp-wsgi and Apache Apache, MySQL, and PHP Running under MacPorts Subversion under MacPorts often used during testing the new configuration:
sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl -k restart

Android 4.0 Update on Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the Flagships among the Android Smartphone.

On Wednesday, May 15th 2012 now I received the Android Update for it here in Germany.
It was running Android 2.3.3 and now it is running 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

There are so many small but very pleasant enhancements in the Software, that using it feels more like iOS than Android 2.3.3 by terms of usability.

Problem with Updatetool of Glassfish in NetBeans IDE 7.1.2 running Java JDK 7 on Mac OSX Lion,

After installing NetBeans IDE 7.1.2 and Java JDK 7 on Mac OSX Lion,  the Update Tool of Glassfish 3.1.2 which came bundled with NetBeans, failed to connect to the remote Update Server:
Would you like to install Update Tool now (y/n): y
Proxy: Using system proxy settings.
Input/output error: Operation timed out
Could not download application packages. This could be because:
  - a proxy server is needed to access the internet. Please ensure that
    the system proxy server settings are correct, or set the 'http_proxy'
    environment variable to the full URL of the proxy server.
  - the package server or network connection is slow.
    If you are getting time out errors you can try setting the
    environment variables and try again. For example to increase
    the timeouts to 300 seconds set them to 300
  - the package server is down or otherwise inaccessible or it is
    generating invalid data. Please contact the provider of the …

Welcome to the Mac: Java 7


Java SE 7 Update 4 - Five Java Update Releases

Today, the Oracle Java teams have delivered update releases for Java SE, Java FX and Java SE for Embedded:
Java SE 7 Update 4  [ Release Notes | Download

Java SE 6 Update 32   [ Release Notes | Download

JavaFX 2.1   [ Release Notes | Download

Java SE for Embedded 7 Update 4   [ Release Notes | Download ]  

Java SE for Embedded 6 Update 32   [ Release Notes | Download


Searching for Algorithms for synchronizing

One User - One Service .... but several Devices

Problem to be solved:

How to Synchronize Data and Configs between the Client Applications on several PCs, Web and mobile Devices.

Best Example: Amazon Kindle App - synchronizes the last read Page in each e-book.

I am looking for Algorithms and System Designs now.

Spring 3.1 Release Train Complete

Spring 3.1 Release Train Complete

On March 14, 2012 SpringSource and VMware announced that the Spring 3.1 Release Train is complete. Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Data, Spring Mobile and Spring for Android all now support Spring 3.1, making it easier and faster for enterprise developers to build the next generation of enterprise applications. The latest market research from Evans Data also indicates that Spring is more popular than never before.

Webinars and Videos   

Practical Tips and Tricks with Spring Integration
In this session of "Practical Tips-and-Tricks" we will cover some of the more advanced topics of enterprise integration such as message-flow-segmentation, custom retry logic, error handling, timeouts and more. This webinar is based on the refined (based on your feedback) version of a very successful talk delivered by Oleg Zhurakousky at SpringOne 2011. To review basics of Messaging and SI watch this session with Mark Fisher.
April 19…

Webinar about Spring Integration on April 19th 2012

Webinar about awesome Spring Integration which is Enterprise Integration at High Scalability Web and Cloud Scale ... using RabbitMQ and the AMQP Banking and Telco Standard as well as VMware and SalesForce Cloud Experience